There are critical technological considerations behind every online marketplace. Given the fast pace of technological evolution and the complexities involved, clients depend on us to bridge the divide between businesses. Backed by deep marketing experience and business skills, we offer you a clear vision of the possibilities, cost-effective solutions for implementation, as well as strategic plans for developing and deploying new marketing platforms. Buying and selling have never been easier. WhyStockIt offers businesses a unique way to purchase or move idle stock. Sellers are assured that they will pass on the value of their stock while the buyers will find what they want when they want. What makes WhyStockIt really useful for businesses is that the users could benefit from buying and selling simultaneously. This helps businesses replace unused stocks with new more useful ones. With the global reach of WhyStockIt your products will travel far and wide to find the right use for them. Idle or slow moving stock was always looked at as a burden on any company. There are many costs involved in maintaining idle stock. Passing on the value of these products not only helps one company but two. Free up the store spaces from slow moving products to products your company really need and make money out of it. With the WhyStockIt guarantee, buyers are assured that the products they buy will live up to the expectation and more. Dealing with used products might look like a mess but in WhyStockIt the products are tested and inspected to make sure that there will be no surprises when they reach the final destination. This is mainly achieved by allowing the products on the website to have pictures, certifications and inspection reports. The manufacturers of the items mostly issue these reports or they might be offered from a freelancer that has the right experience in the field. WhyStockIt has a user friendly website, easy to use for all. Companies could track what products are listed on the website and what orders are pending. Access to the WhyStockIt account could be granted to more than one user in the company, which helps in tracking and knowing exactly what is going on. This also allows for communications to take place in a timely manner as both the manager and officer have access to the account. Listing your products on WhyStockIt will directly result in marketing campaigns for the products to a worldwide audience. We will look for the businesses that truly need the product. With a large number of active users already on the website your product will reach where it is desired and wanted. All companies like to get a deal when it comes to buying or selling. The Make an Offer feature on WhyStockIt’s website caters for that exact purpose. Buyers could Make an Offer to the sellers to ensure that they are getting the best deal. This also allows for a sense of interaction on the website. This work both ways as the buyers and sellers both get a better deal. The buyers pay less for the products and the sellers sell their products faster than ever. WhyStockIt does not put a limit on the number of products that could be listed on the website from one company, this is to ensure that the businesses could pass on the value of their products in the best way possible. This makes for a huge collection of packaged and bulk deals. The sellers free up tons of space from their warehouses and receive money, and the buyer gets the best value for his dollar. This also allows companies of all backgrounds and sizes to benefit from WhyStockIt’s website. Pass on the value! Whether you have idle, slow moving or old outdated stocks we are here to help. We will find the right users and markets for your products. WhyStockIt will help you get the best deal and value, so WhyStockIt? Seriously why.