MK19 Hydraulic Rig AHT94B

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Electricity driven, compact, mobile, dual outlet dual inlet single pump (DODISP) aircraft hydraulics tester.


Easy, safe and reliable operation complying with military and civil aircraft specifications and low-level maintenance requirement.


The AHT is equipped with the Sun Aircraft Reservoir Level Control System. This system controls the level of hydraulic fluid in the aircraft reservoir whilst running the tests.


The tester is designed to perform the following functions & test procedures:

  • Provide a source of hydraulic power to operate the aircraft hydraulics system and controls for functional and operational tests without the necessity of starting the aircraft engine.

  • Test the aircraft hydraulics system for function checks, for indications of malfunctions, for flow and pressure checks, leakage, etc.

  • Filter (NAS class 4 or better), de-aerate and dehydrate the aircraft hydraulic fluid.

  • Drain, flush and refill the aircraft hydraulic system.

  • Additional Tests can be integrated

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More Information
Brand MK19
Model AHT94B
Condition New
Capacity 0-75 l/min up to 210 bar, reduced flow up to 280 bar
High Pressure Pump Drive AC Motor, 22kW at 2920 rpm, 400 V
Fluid Specification MIL-H-5606
Boost Pump Direct Driven G-rotor pump
Cooler Oil-to-air cooler
Operating Temperature -20 to 49 °C
Pressure Flow Manually controlled valves/ pump; digital readout for flow & Temp.
Fluid Reservoir 75 l
High Pressure Filter 2-micron outlet filtration, replaceable element
Boost System Filter 3-micron filtration, replaceable element
Piping High pressure lines: stainless steel; Low pressure lines: Aluminum
Outlet System Two pressure- and flow- controlled outlets
Return System Two pressure-controlled inlets
External Connections Two ½” pressure hoses; Two ¾” return hoses
Average Noise Level 70 dB at a 3.65 m radius from test stand
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2450x1350x1300 mm
Weight (kg) 1100 kg this is the weight excluding
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
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